Our Story

For almost two decades now, New Zealand Apple Products have been producing innovating snacks to provide additional local value to fresh New Zealand apples grown in the Tasman region.

It was many decades earlier, (over 80 years in fact), that a young Mr. Clark saw the potential of his land and immersed himself in the world of apple husbandry. This has been followed by a further two generations of Clarks’, producing only the highest quality fresh apples.

It was not until 1999, that Mr. Clark’s grandson, Stephan was enlightened to the process of adding value to a fresh apple. Through the help of a good American friend, he saw a great opportunity and the potential to start developing an ‘apple snack’ business. Stephan with much determination and ingenuity made a start and in 2000 he built a small operation that could produce 1 ton of dried apples per year. In 2017, New Zealand Apple Products was projected to produce an excess of 200 tons and is one of the largest companies in New Zealand manufacturing apple and other fruit snacks for both the domestic and international markets.

Due to our natural profile, our products are inspirational and provide you great value, confidence and convenience. Being preservative, and gluten free this separates us from the crowd. Take a moment and indulge in one of our many tasty products and enjoy life.

New Zealand Apple Products are always looking for different alternatives for consumers to satisfy their cravings for fruit-based products. We have developed a variety of products with different processes to satisfy a diverse consumer taste.


Our range of dried products are 100% Natural with no additives, preservatives or sulphites and are also gluten free . Our Dried Products are 100% baked (not fried) with the naturalness of ‘Pure New Zealand air’ using our unique magic drying technology to create a perfect snack for a perfect moment.

• Apple Chips (30g & 90g)
• Apple Rings (100g)
• Fruit Noodles (30g) (Boysenberry & Apple, Blackcurrant & Apple & Just Apple) 

Apple Chips
Apple Rings
Fruit Noodles


It is well known that freeze dried products have many benefits. For this reason, New Zealand Apple Products have created a range of freeze-dried products for those who prefer these unique cravings. We utilize the latest Freeze-Drying Technology to create a unique crunchy texture and a natural flavour experience.

Our freeze-dried products are 100% fruit, with no additives, preservatives, sulphites and no sugar added, and are also naturally gluten free.

• Freeze Dried Apple Sticks (34g)
• Freeze Dried Kiwifruit (34g)
• Freeze Dried Mixed Berry (34g)
• Freeze Dried Fruit Medley

Freeze Dried Kiwifruit
Freeze Dried Mixed Berry
Freeze Dried Apple
Freeze Dried Fruit Medley


New Zealand Apple Products have also developed fruit flavoured purees and apple sauces, these are easy to have as a snack or for adding to cooking and baking recipes.

• Fruit Hitz (90g) (Mango, Tropical, Summer Berry & Strawberry)
• Apple Sauce ( 90g & 500g)

Fruit HitZ

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Ph: +64 3 526 7044
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Purchase $60.00 worth of product online and you will receive a complimentary 12 pack pouches of 90g apple sauce. (Made from 100% NZ Apples). A value of just over $16.00 free.